AiShinKai Martial Arts

Iaidō: Japanese Swordsmanship

Iaido Japanese Swordsmanship group practice at AiShinKai Dojo

Iaidō is the traditional Japanese art of drawing and cutting with the Japanese sword in one smooth and powerful movement.  It is a discipline of self-improvement in all aspects of body, mind, and spirit.  AiShinKai, a member dojo of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation,  offers training in All Japan Kendo Federation Iai (Seitei Gata) and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. martial arts cultural arts Edmonds Everett Seattle Shoreline Mukilteo Kenmore 

Aiki-ken & Aiki-Jō: Arts of Peace

AiShinKai AiShin-ryu Aiki-Jo practice for self-mastery and self-defense.

Martial skills need not be used to cause harm.  AiShin-ryu Aiki-ken and Aiki-Jo offer the viable alternative of using traditional sword and staff techniques to diffuse conflict, creating win-win scenarios for both attacker and defender.  At the root of these disciplines is a concrete method for developing the unity of body, mind, and spirit to realize our full potential power.

Kyudō: The Way of the Bow

Kyudo Japanese archery at AiShinKai for self-mastery.

The traditional Japanese yumi is the largest bow in the world.  The Art of Kyudo invites the practitioner to discover self-mastery through rigorous pursuit of virtue, truth and beauty through the discipline of archery.  When body, mind, and spirit are correctly unified, the arrow seems to fly of its own volition, and the archer experiences happiness and peace.

AiShinKai Cultural Arts

Shodō : Brush Calligraphy

Shodo brush calligraphy at AiShinKai Dojo for art and self-mastery.

Discovery self-mastery through the discipline of the brush.  In order to wield the brush beautifully and powerfully, mind, body, and spirit must be unified.  Instruction is available in this profound art through the study of the many character styles developed through the centuries. 

Kadō (Ikebana): Flower Arranging

Kado Ikebana flower arranging at AiShinKai Dojo for art and self-mastery.

This ephemeral art form encourages the practitioner to discover that real freedom exists only within rules.  We specialize in the Nageire styles, which artfully convey an impression of spontaneity while referencing heaven, Nature and humanity as active players in harmony.

Bonsai: Living Art

Bonsai training at AiShinKai Dojo for studying nature in martial and cultural arts.

The careful study of Nature informs every Art practiced in the AiShinKai dojo.  Careful cultivation of numerous bonsai in our collection helps us to realize the importance of natural rhythm and the proper balance to be sought in human relations.  

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