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Who Benefits from Self-Mastery?

Dr. Bannister, AiShinKai Founder

Board of Directors, Japan-America Society of Washington
Board of Directors, Seattle Kobe Sister City Association
Board of Directors, Pacific Northwest Budo Association
Board of Directors, Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation
Gold and Bronze Medalist, Japanese Swordsmansip
Founder of AiShin-Ryu Aikido
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

With a hearty laugh,
Founder and President, Dr. Jonathan Bannister, took the middle photo of himself following a business meeting at AiShinKai headquarters.  He jokingly calls the image "Samurai Success."  But all kidding aside, Dr. Bannister does exemplify self-mastery: he follows a path of personal dedication to high personal, social and civic ideals, coupled with incredible martial arts skills that harness the full potential of body and mind.  Bannister is a recognized business and community leader, a fine artist, and a highly-successful and internationally-honored competitor and teacher of martial arts.  He has won gold medals in the United States in swordsmanship competitions, and a bronze medal in Japan.

Formerly an art director for a national magazine, Dr. Bannister was recruited by Kokikai International in 1989 to establish the West Coast branch of that organization in Seattle, Washington.  His sustained efforts on behalf of that organization led Aikido Kokikai Seattle to be authorized as one of only eleven national headquarters schools
in 1994, recognized for the depth and breadth of its programming.  Bannister oversaw nine branch programs in Washington, California, and British Columbia, and administered more than 60 other programs to meet the needs of a diverse aray of clients. 

In 2006 Dr. Bannister resigned his position in Kokikai to found AiShinKai, as he said, '"to fulfil a dream of working towards the creation of a world in which personal empowerment need not come at another's expense."  He subsequently founded AiShin-Ryu Aikido
, a remarkable new art that wholly repudiates the legitimacy of violence in any form.  Bannister Sensei was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and awarded an honary Ph.D. from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies (Carbondale, IL) in 2009 for "Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts" and the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009 with a "Silver Life Achievement Award."  USAMAHOF named Dr. Bannister its "2010 Swordsman of the Year."  He was also awarded the USMAHOF coveted "Multi-disciplined Martial Arts Master of the Year award.

Dr. Bannister credits AiShinKai's comprehensive training system and The Path to Self-Mastery for helping him to overcome a severe stammer that rendered him nearly speechless until middle age. He used the gentle, correct movements of AiShinKai Mind-Body Coordination Exercises to overcome a serious neck injury sustained in martial arts training in 1998.  Since founding AiShinKai, Dr. Bannister has won numerous social and civic awards for his efforts to promote friendship between the peoples of the United States, Canada, and Japan.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Japan-America Society of Washington, the non-profit Pacific Northwest Budo Association, the Seattle-Kobe Sister Association, and the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation. He has taught conflict resolution strategy and win-win negotiation to clients all over North America.

In spite of the demands on his time made by non-profit and business clients, Dr. Bannister remains first and foremost a martial artist.  He is an internationally-recognized, master swordsman and founder of AiShin-Ryu Aikido.  Bannister is also an avid practitioner of Kyudo: traditional Japanese archery, and has performed this art for the Lieutenant Governor at the opening of the largest archery center in Washington State. He also practices and teaches Japanese Ikebana flower arranging, Bonsai tree postting - he offers show at Japanese cultural events in the Seattle area
, and Shodo brush calligraphy.  His paintings are sought after by private collectors all across America.

Left to Right: City of Seattle mayoral proclamation: October 18, 2009 "Dr. Jonathan Bannister Day;" Japan-America Society of Washington commendation letter thanking Dr. Bannister for his work
to promote friendship between the people of the United States and Japan; City of Shoreline,
WA mayoral commendation.  For a more complete profile of Dr. Bannister's
achievements, credentials, awards, see the Instructors page.

Dr. Bannister's client list is enormous
, encompassing individuals from all walks of life, as well as countless schools, businesses, and community organizations.  Bannister points out that every one of his achievements came as a result of his training in AiShinKai Mind-Body Coordination Exercises.  Using these tools, he was able to cultivate the calmness and confidence to speak fluidly and passionately to any audience about the benefits of Self-Mastery in Leadership Development, the positive application of non-violent principles in Conflict Resolution, and the desirability of harmonious cooperation in Team Management.

Student Experiences

he AiShinKai  Basic Principles of Self-Mastery and the AiShinKai  Mind-Body Coordination Exercises are "secret weapons" available to anyone who seeks the profound calmness, self-confidence, and realization of full human potential that comes from self-mastery.  They are concrete and dependable tools, proven to help each practitioner  achieve a wide variety of personal goals. 

AiShinKai has graduated 75 black belts so far; each student discovers benefits from mind-body coordination in their own fields of endeavor and in their personal lives.  Many of these graduates are now community leaders in their own right - doctors, lawyers, business executives, teachers, engineers - who unleash their full potential daily in the service of others.  They have discovered their birthright as unstoppable forces of nature.

Introducing a few AiShinKai success stories:

David Stubbs, Aikido 4th degree black belt, 18 years training
Age 42, Vice President at Peterson Strehle Martinson, Inc
Gained tremendous self-confidence and leadership abilities.

Suzanne Pardee, Aikido 4th degree black belt, 20 years training
Age 48, Political Activist and Yoga Instructor
Unleashed her creativity and gained real calmness and self-confidence. 

"I am amazed that there is always another layer of knowledge and skill to uncover when learning from Dr. Bannister. All the arts of AiShinKai have provided me with fascinating and fruitful ways to reveal my true self, and develop my potential."

James Smith, Iaido 3rd degree black belt, 7 years training
Age 49, Senior Programmer
Developed confidence and calmness; gradually came to a profound understanding of  principles of non-violence; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship. 

"There's always something new to learn!"

John Bossert, Iaido 3rd degree black belt, 6 years training
Age 51, Systems Information Architect
Appreciates the power unleashed by mind-body coordination; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

Cydni Boyd, Iaido 2nd degree black belt, 5 years training
Age 53, Biotech Manager
Developed greater self-confidence, and overcame a debilitating knee and ankle injuries; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

Chris Nelson, Aikido 3rd degree black belt, 6 years training
Age 43, Conflict Mediator
Gained self-confidence, a much greater sensitivity to others, and truly understands the principles of non-violence at the core of AiShinKai practice.

Dr. John Morrow, Iaido 1st degree black belt, 1 year training
Age 61, Biotech Researcher
Gained confidence and calmness; ; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

Danielle Ippolito, Iaido 1st degree black belt, 3 years training
Age 35, U.S. Government Contract Scientific Researcher
Achieved so remarkable a transformation from nervousness to calm self-confidence that she now regular travels the nation to speak at conferences and high-level business meetings with government officials and private contractors; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

"Iaido training represents an oasis of Calm.  That sense of calm has translated into increased focus, improved interpersonal skills, better stress managment, and enhanced conflict resolution skills on the job."

Max Boyd, Iaido 3rd degree Black Belt, 9 years training
Age 22, University of Washington Graduate
His discovery of self-mastery has been marked by the development of great self-confidence, intensity of character, and appreciation for the ideal of compassion; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

Wendy Bannister, Iaido 3rd degree black belt, 7 years training
Age 44, Senior Software Engineer
Greatly increased mind-body coordination abilities and appreciation of Japanese culture; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

"I appreciate the positive framework to problem solving; finding simple, positive solutions.  I enjoy training with a group of people who are trying to achieve those goals since I am continually impressed and inspired by my peers."

Hans Andersen, Iaido 1st degree black belt, 2 years training
Age 31, Software Developer
Achieved increased relaxation and calmness; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship.

Frederick Fourie, Iaido ist Kyu, 2 years training
Age 34, Software Programmer

"I appreciate the consistent, systematic body of teachings which allow me to improve my technique as well as character. By marrying art with structure, practitioners remain focused in their exploration of budo and search for personal growth and expression."

Brian Kottemann, Iaido 3rd Kyu, 2 years training
Age 25, Property Manager
Discovered calmness and confidence, as well as tremendously improved physical coordination.

BJ Becker, Iaido 4th kyu, 1 year training
Age 63, Digital Arts Instructor
Appreciates the broad curriculum and opportunity to approach mind-body coordination from so many different directions.

Stephanie Song, Iaido 1st degree black belt, 2 years training
Age 29, Software Development Manager
Employs calmness and confidence developed at the AiShinKai in her role as a manager at a leading software development company; successfully graded in Japan for internationally-recognized rank in swordsmanship

Nick Rhee, Aikido 2nd degree black belt, 6 years training
Age 40, Business Owner
AiShinKai mind-body coordination training is great stress relief, and a lot of fun.

Thomas Mead, Iaido 5th kyu, 1 year training
Age 51, Architect
Mind-body coordination made accessible and clear.  And "swords are cool !"

Jeff Pettiross, Aikido 3rd degree black belt, 10 years training
Age 39, Business Owner

"My study of Aikido at AiShinKai has transformed the way I think about myself, my body, and how I relate to the world. I am more fit and confident, and I have had so much fun along the way!"

And many, many MORE! 

Dr. Bannister has instructed thousands of individuals across the United States and Canada in Self-Mastery, Mind-Body Coordination, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Team Management, and Martial and Cultural Arts.  You can achieve excellence, success, and peak performance using the The Path to Self-Mastery.

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