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AiShinKai Mind-Body Coordination Exercises

Coming soon . . .

  The Path to Self-Mastery:
   Mind-Body Coordination Exercises
   from the Martial Arts to
   Achieve Peak Performance

   Available June 2012

   Book and DVD
AiShinKai Mind-Body Coordination Execises

   Author Dr. Jonathan Bannister, Ph.D.
   AiShinKai Founder and President

   10 warm-up exercises
   10 solo core-building exercises
   10 solo application exercises
   10 partner core-building exercises
   10 partner application exercises

Follow-along, chapter search-able DVD. 
Book includes essays, study guides, and is lavishly illustrated.
Price USD$50.00 plus shipping.  Pre-orders accepted.  Contact the AiShinKai

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Socially-Engaged Martial Artists Make a Real
Difference By Serving Their Communities!
See how the non-profit Pacific Northwest Budo Association
(PNBA) supports and fosters appreciation for Japanese
martial arts and traditional culture
through cooperative programming, fund
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Aishinkai maintains a drug- and alcohol-free environment.  We do not discriminate
in the administration of our programs based on race, creed, color, religious
affiliation, gender, or in any other way prohibited by law or common sense.

Offering local and nation-wide educattion in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Team Management, and Mind-Body Coodination, as well as the Japanese martial and cultural arts of AiShin-Ryu Aikido, Iaido, Aiki-ken, Aiki-jo, Kyudo,
Ki Meditation, Kiatsu Ryoho, Bonsai, Shodo, and Ikebana.  Locally serving the communities of Seattle, Everett, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, and Edmonds, WA.
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