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January 28, 2012 - AiShinKai annual dues deadline
January 12, 2011 - New term starts at Shoreline Spartan Center
December 2011 - AiShinKai dojo donated 132 pounds of food to the Edmonds Food Bank to help our neighbors in need
September 19, 2011 - Bannister Sensei successfully graded 5th-degree black belt at the Tokyo Budokan, Ayase, Japan

A sample of past dojo activities: we're always up to something!

October 10, 2010 - Aishinkai Iaido participated in the 2010 PNKF Iaido Seminar and Taikai.  We took 2nd place in the team competition, and Bannister Sensei won 1st place in the 1-4 dan yudansha division.  Congratulations to Aishinkai members Wendy Bannister (2nd place team), Danielle Ippolito (2nd place team), Frederick Fourie (2nd place team), Max Boyd, and Hans Andersen.  Also attending, Cyd Boyd.

October 7, 2010 - Our black belt members voted unanimous approval for a new name: "Aishinkai (Harmonious Heart Association)."  Combining "ai (harmony)" of Aikido with "shin (heart, mind, God, truth, good, or new)" and "kai (association)" yields a beautiful name that indicates our desire to foster compassion, sincerity, and dignity in our practice and in our community.  The name was suggested by our good friend and former student of Bannister Sensei, Kunihisa Koyama of Tokyo, Japan, in recognition of the importance of the principles of Aiki in Bannister Sensei's art, and the importance of heart in Iaido.

September 18-22, 2010 - Bannister Sensei reconnected with his Iaido sensei, Eura Kazunori (ZNKR hachidan hanshi) in Tokyo, Japan, earning an invitation to join the Hajime Kai, an instructors' study group devoted to mutual assistance in preparing for Iaido examinations and competitions.  Sensei was delighted to meet Eura Sensei again, and appreciated the opportunity to train with Shima, Namiki, and Hosoya Sensei of the Hajime Kai.

July 15, 2010 - Aikido rank promotion testing showed the enormous progress the community has made in the past few months.  The quality of performance was much higher than last time!  Two of our youth members achieved the coveted "pass with honors" designation, only the 23rd and 24th time the judges have awarded that designation in the dojo's 20-year history.

Pass with Honors: Jack Hamilton - 10b kyu; Max Hellen - 9b kyu
Promoted: Leah Cain -10a kyu, Aaron McCrackin - 10a kyu, William Gilfoil - 10a kyu, Dan Abeln - 6th kyu, Alix Clare - 6th kyu

June 19, 2010 - Dr. Bannister was elected to the Board of Directors of the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association

June 19, 2010 - Bannister Sensei won 1st Place in the yondan division and Wendy Bannister won 2nd Place in the sandan division at the Obukan Iaido Taikai in McMinnville, Oregon.  The Aishinkai Team did very well overall, with great performances by Danielle Ippolito, Hans Andersen, Frederick Fourie, and Brian Kottemann.

June 12, 2010 - Bannister Sensei receives the  Kantosho "Fighting Spirit Award" in the yondan and up division at the AUSKF Iaido National Championships in San Antonio, TX.  Despite high humidity and heat, he describes the event as "a fantastic opportunity to meet others in the Iaido community, from all across the nation.  San Antonio was a great venue: well-organized, great food, a high-class experience for all."  Next year's AUSKF National Iaido Summer Camp is scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio.  Bannister Sensei urges all Aishinkai Iaido members to attend.

May 20-29 - Shoreline, WA & Edmonds, WA - Exams this week yielded two rank promotions unanimously recognized as  "Pass with Honors."  Only about 20 of these awards have been given in the 20 years of the dojo!  Congratulations and thank you, guys: Frederick Fourie (gokyu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo) and Charles Maxwell Boyd (nikyu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo).  Other successes:
6th kyu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo - Bj Becker, M. Becker, Carl Lodge
4th kyu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo - Hans Andersen, Danielle Ippolito, Stephanie Song
2nd kyu Iaido - Frederick Fourie
2nd kyu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo - Charles Maxwell Boyd, James Smith


May 8, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Bannister was named "Japanese Martial Arts Multi-Disciplined Master of the Year" by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and inducted into the "Hall of Heroes."

April 21, 2010 - Dr. Bannister was elected to the Japan-America Society of Washington Board of Directors

March 27, 2010 - Dr. Bannister gave a formal presentation of Honda-Ryu Kyudo (Japanese traditional archery) at the Grand Opening of The Nock Point Archery Range in Mountlake Terrace, WA.  He joined Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen and notable archers from across Washington State in congratulating owners Bill and Jodie Hickey and Team Nock Point for creating the largest indoor archery center in the Seattle area.

January 30, 2010 -  The Iaido class spent the afternoon practicing their cutting skills . . . on paper airplanes, paper balls, and sheets of newsprint.  Of course, everyone received a certificate of accomplishment: they cut well!

October 17, 2009
- Aishinkai celebrated its 20th anniversary together with the 5th anniversary of the Pacific Northwest Budo Association at an all-you can eat sushi buffet hosted by Mori Japanese Restaurant in Seattle.  Dr. Bannister was honored for 30 years in the martial arts by the cities of Seattle and Shoreline, and commended by the Japan-America Society for his work to promote friendship between Japan and the United States.

June 20, 2009 - Aishinkai is excited to announced that Bannister Sensei was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, CA  He was recognized for "Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts" and honored with a Phd doctorate from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies in Carbondale, Illinois.  Bannister Sensei accepted the award in the name of his mentor and friend, Yoshimoto Trent Sensei (Kendo Nannadan Kyoshi, Iaido Nannadan Renshi), headmaster of the Tsubomi Seishin Kan Iaido Kai in Tokyo, Japan, who passed over to the big dojo in the sky on June 18.

In Memorium
Yoshimoto Trent Sensei
Kendo Nannadan Kyoshi - Iaido Nannadan Renshi

Dear Tsubomi Dojo friends,
At 11:02am on Thursday, June 18, our friend, teacher, and mentor, Don Yoshimoto Trent Sensei (Kendo Nannadan Kyoshi, Iaido Nannadan Renshi) passed and went on to the big Dojo in the sky.  He fought a courageous battle following an incapicitating stroke the week prior.  His thoughts - even in the utmost extremity  - were upon us: he asked Yuri Sensei to maintain the dojo in Japan and care for all of us.
I cannot overstate the importance of the place Trent Sensei held in my life.  He was a quintessential warrior, teacher, and friend, a role model of a Good Man, and the singular inspiration for the founding of our dojo.  Without his confidence in us, and his encouragement, we would not have been able to establish our own, independent organization.  Through countless hours of conversation, he helped us define a higher purpose for our practice, and affirmed our desire to seek the highest principles of Japanese martial arts.
Behind the gruff exterior of this retired Chief Master Sergeant (United States Air Force) lay a generosity of spirit and kindness seldom seen: he took in all sorts of strays that came to his door - 13 cats, 4 dogs, 2 ducks, 10 chickens, a frog, a spider, and sword students from all over the world, including yours truly.  When we asked the All Japan Kendo Federation for help in 1999, Trent Sensei stepped forward without hesitation and offered to take us in.  At enormous personal cost, but also with great joy and energy, he guided my career through momentous changes.
Trent Sensei lived large.  A veteran of the Korean War and Viet Nam, he served as a bayonett instructor, and eventually rose in the ranks of the armed forces to the highest non-commissioned rank, Chief Master Sergeant.   He married Yuri Trent Sensei, the daughter of a sword master (who is an inspiration herself, an accomplished swordswoman, and mother to us all), and immersed himself in the intense disciplines of Kendo and Iaido.  His abilities were recognized by the Kendo Federation, and he was commissioned to serve on the International Kendo Committee, helping to promote and popularize Budo worldwide.  His enthusiasm and generosity of spirit are legendary; I have been enormously blessed to call him "Friend."
Don Yoshimoto Trent Sensei was one of the best of his generation: an accomplished swordsman, a patriot, a friend to all in need, and an example of the best in humanity.  He is survived by his lovely bride, Yuri Trent Sensei (Iaido Nannadan Renshi), and his children, Midori and John.  We wish them the best that the world has to offer, for their own sakes, and in tribute to our departed father, Don Yoshimoto Trent Sensei.
Jonathan Bannister, Kaicho
Edmonds, WA USA

Congratulations to those who achieved rank promotion in Aikido, Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo, and Iaido on June 18, 2009.  We're very proud of you!

Sakura-Con - April 11, 2009
Aishinkai gave an excellent hour-long presentation of Iaido, Aikido, and Aiki-Weapons practice to a large and appreciative audience of over 100.  Fourteen members, including two members of the Children's Aikido program - Joshua C. and Jasmine O. - participated.  Great job everyone!

Children's Aikido Testing - April 9, 2009
Congratulations to the members of the Aikido for Children class who successfully passed their rank promotion tests.  We look forward to your continued progress.

Bright Water School - Japan Culture Day - March 27, 2009
Bannister Sensei performed visited Japanese language classes and performed Iaido enbu for an all-school assembly, sharing his art with more than 100 students who celebrated Japanese culture and their achievements in Nihongo and Japanese arts.

2009 Keiko Hajime - January 8

Thanks for all the food bank donations: we collected 215 pounds of canned goods to help our neighbors!

Aishinkai celebrated the start of 2009 with a misogi cleansing ceremony, all-dojo weapons practice, and a party.  Over 40 members and dojo friends attended.

PNBA Directors and Aishinkai
2008 Leaders Appreciation Party

Many thanks to Spiro's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant for helping us to celebrate the start of the new year and honor the 2008 dojo and PNBA leaders:

David Stubbs
, Aikido instructor (yondan)
Suzanne Pardee, Aikido instructor (yondan)
Wendy Bannister, Iaido assistant instructor, PNBA Board of Directors (sandan)
James Smith, Iaido assistant instructor, PNBA Board of Directors (sandan)
John Bossert, Iaido representative, PNBA Board of Directors (nidan)
Jeff Pettiross, Aikido children's program lead instructor, PNBA Board of Directors (nidan)

Bunka no Hi
Aishinkai members joined the Pacific Nothwest Budo Association at Bunka no Hi (Japanese Culture Day) celebrations November 2 at the Japanese Language School in Seattle.  In addition to well-received demonstrations of Aikido and Iaido, our display room featured a large collection of bonsai, shodo paintings, and ikebana.  The PNBA trade booth detailed that organization's charitable and education work in 2008.

Aikido Spring Seminar 2008
Members of Aishinkai and Tenzan Aikido join Bannister Sensei and Buce Bookman in a lively joint seminar that offered insight into our common roots and different approaches to Aikido practice.  Let's do this again!

Hachioji Iaido Taikai
Bannister Sensei with Don and Yuri Trent Sensei and members of the Tsubomi Seishin Kan Iaido Kai at the Hachioji Iaido Taikai (Tokyo, Japan).  Sensei Bannister won Bronze in the 4th Dan division.

Japan in the Schools
Bannister Sensei continues to vist numerous elementary school classrooms in conjunction with the Japan-America Society and Pacific Northwest Budo Association outreach educational programs.  He shares information about Japan, its people and culture, and has given martial arts demonstrations for over 600 public and private school children.

Saori Ueda Visits from Japan
Tsubomi Seishin Kan Iaido Kai member Saori Ueda (AJKF yondan - third from the left, front row) visited our dojo while in the States on business.  We thoroughly enjoyed a week of spirited practice with her.


Nikkei Heritage Association Bowling Tournament Fundraiser
Members of the Aikido and Iaido programs formed a team and joined in a fun competition with more than 20 other teams from area cultural arts organizations in this Nikkei Heritage Association fundraiser.  In addition, the Aishinkai provided nearly $1,000 in prizes for the tournament winners.

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