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Free Trial Class Coupon 
No appointment needed.  Just bring to any regularly scheduled class.

Aishinkai Membership Application 
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2012 PNKF Membership Form  - NEW!
Membership in both AiShinKai and the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation is required of all ranked participants in Iaido: Japanese Swordsmanship classes.  New, unranked participants may postpone joining the PNKF until the first rank exam.

AiShinkai Welcome Packet  - NEW!
AiShinKai programs, policies, member privileges,
and community participation

AiShinKai Programs Brochure
Take a look at all we offer our members!

PNBA brochure 
An overview of the services that the PNBA offers the Japanese martial arts and cultural arts communities: Grants, scholarships, low-cost insurance, and more . . .

PNBA Membership and Donation Form 
Annual dues and donations are 100% tax-deductible!  Please support the
Pacific Northwest Budo Association's efforts to foster appreciation for
Japanese martial arts and traditional culture in the community.

PNBA Budo: River of Social Change Brochure
The Pacific Northwest Budo Association's popular youth education
outreach program featuring Japan's martial arts and traditional culture.  The
PNBA is currently scheduling for the upcoming term.  Contact the PNBA
at if your school or community group would
be interested in hosting this uniquely beneficial program.
Other Brochures, Posters, Graphics

Aishinkai Poster 8.5x11
Letter size for posting on bulletin boards

Aishinkai Graphic - NEW!

Member Downloads

Aishinkai Basic Principles Posters

Aishinkai Gojo: Five Virtues of an Ideal Person - NEW

Aishinkai Equipment Ordering Form
Equipment ordering service available to members only

Curriculum Guides & Test Requirements
Rank Promotion Test Application

Aikido Children's Rank Requirements
New & Improved (simplified, with translations!)

Aikido Curriculum Guide

Aikido Adult Rank Quick Reference Guide

Aikido Adult Rank Requirements 
Full set

Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo Rank Requirements

Iaido Curriculum Guide

Iaido Rank Requirements

Additional (and fun) Resources

Common Vocabulary

Recommended Reading List 

Aishinkai Dojo Lineage

Budo Timeline

Aishinkai Demo Outline
A one-hour format that can be scaled for available time slots

The Budo Mission
Bannister Sensei discusses a larger purpose for martial arts practice

Interview: Samurai-Sword- Shop Dojo Connector
A lengthy discussion with Bannister Sensei about Aishinkai martial arts practice, Budo history, and his background.  Lots of interesting ideas

Nihonto (Japanese Sword) Appreciation Guide - NEW!

Eura Sensei - Zen Meditation - NEW
Bannister Sensei's Iaido sensei, Eura Kazunori (AJKF hachidan hanshi) describes a personal encounter with Zen meditation training.

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Free Trial Class Coupon
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Private Instruction is available for Aishinkai members

(425) 771-6816

Socially Engaged Martial Artists Make a Real
Difference By Serving Their Communities!
See how the non-profit Pacific Northwest Budo Association
(PNBA) supports and fosters appreciation for Japanese
martial arts and traditional culture
through cooperative programming, fund
raising, and community service:

Aishinkai maintains a drug- and alcohol-free environment.  We do not discriminate
in the administration of our programs based on race, creed, color, religious
affiliation, gender, or in any other way prohibited by law or common sense.

Serving the communities of Seattle, Everett, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, and Edmonds
with high-quality, low-cost instruction in Aikido, Iaido, Aiki-ken, Aiki-jo, Ki Development,
Ki Meditation, Kiatsu Ryoho, Bonsai, Shodo, and Ikebana.
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