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Business Programs

Program Descriptions

The Path to Self-Mastery

AiShinKai Basic Principles of Self-Mastery
Discover What Self-Mastery Really Feels Like, and Choose to "Live a Life Worth Living"
AiShinKai Breathing and Meditation Exercises
Create a Calm Center and a Flexible Mind to Achieve Success in Daily Life

AiShinKai Mind-Body Coordination Exercises
Unify Mind, Body, and Spirit to Achieve Full Human Potential

Modern Business Programs

Leadership Development
Developing the Full Potential of our Greatest Asset: Ourselves
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Conflict Resolution
The Key to Success in Global, National and Local Business: Ethical Decision-Making Provides Positive Incentives
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Team Management
Fostering Personal Empowerment and Cooperative Problem-Solving
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Japanese Martial Arts Programs

AiShin-Ryu Aikido: The Art of Peace
Realize the Finest Self-Defense Ability with Expressions of Self-Mastery Motivated By the Highest Possible Ethics

AiShin-Ryu Aiki-Ken/Aiki-Jo: The Art of Peace Applied to The Exciting Field of Weapons Training
Discover Profound Principles of Non-Violence in the Forms and Contests of Traditional Japanese Sword and Staff Training

Iaido: Japanese Swordsmanship
Traditional and Modern Non-Combative Martial Disciplines of the Highest Order that Cultivate Mental Alertness, Calmness, and Will Power

Kyudo: Traditional Japanese Archery
The Way of the Bow Allows Us to Experience the World Anew with the Release of Every Arrow

Kiatsu-Ryoho: Theraputic Massage
An Effective System Developed by Martial Arts Masters for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Japanese Cultural Arts Programs

Shodo: The Way of the Brush
One of the Most Important Classical Arts of Asia Used to Cultivate Calmness, Alertness, and Poise

Bonsai: Miniature Potted Trees
Close Observation Reveals the Balance and Rhythms in Nature

Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging
An Intimate and Ephemeral Experience of the World in One of Japan's Most Highly-Developed and Technical Arts: it's Much More Than Floral Decoration! 

Mind-Body Coordination is integral to self-mastery.  AiShinKai programs are firmly rooted in AiShinKai Basic Principles for Self-Mastery and AiShinKai  Mind-Body Coordination Exercises.  Dr. Bannister created these tools to promote good health, the harnessing of full human potentail, and spiritual forging.  They are a wonderful springboard to achieving personal fulfillment and measurable success in daily life.  Please see Achieving Self-Mastery for more information.

AiShin-Ryu Aikido A Gentle Art of Self-Defense is the most modern martial art of Japan, and the Aishinkai offers a very modern expression of this beautiful and remarkably effective art.  Aishin-Ryu Aikido illuminates the fallacy of violence as a legitimate means to resolve conflictAiShin-Ryu training fosters mind-body coordination through the study of non-violent throws and pins that compromise an opponent's posture and balance without inflicting injury.  Aikido is highly effective against simultaneous multiple attacks.  Aishin-Ryu Aikido practitioners fully accept responsibility for protecting attackers from the self-destructive consequences of aggression.  Aishin-Ryu is an independent style committed to a new and unique expression of Aikido, " The Way of Spiritual Harmony."   Practices are light-hearted and suitable for all, regardless of gender, age, or experience.  Please see our Aikido Adults & Children page for more information about on-going classes.

Iaido: Japanese Swordsman Japan's sword arts combine profound spiritual, technical and strategic content in beautiful forms that reveal profound insights into the nature of conflict.  Swords are endlessly fun, and the study of Iaido fosters calm self-confidence, mental agility, and character development.  Aishinkai is an authorized branch of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.  Qualified instruction is offered in All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido, Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, Aiki-ken and Aiki-Jo.  Interested in Japan?  Experience traditional martial arts culture by joining our friendly community club.  Please see our Iaido: Japanese Sword page for information about training available for ages 12+.

AiShin-Ryu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo
These are staff and sword weapons arts that reveal the AiShinKai's profound philosophy of non-violence.  The art is considered integral to our teaching method and philosophy, and is made available to all AiShinKai members regardless of program.  Consisting of forms practice and partner fencing, AiShin-Ryu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo training shows how to preserve personal integrity, dignity and safety without resort to unnecessary violence.  See the AiShin-Ryu Aiki-ken/Aiki-jo page for more information about Aiki-weapons training available to all ages. 

A Complete Martial and Cultural Arts Education
Instruction is available in the expressive artistic pursuits of Bonsai tree potting, Shodo brush calligraphy, and Ikebana flower arranging, all of which foster a deep appreciation for Nature and our place in it.  Bannister Sensei was encouraged by his teachers to emulate classical Budo education of the past by mastering one art (he first selected Aikido) and being well-versed in at least six others.  Our students are invited to experience other arts in order to broaden and complete their journey towards achieving Self-Mastery. 

Visitors are always welcome
Come watch or try a free class by downloading a trial class coupon: FREE TRIAL CLASS COUPONYou'll meet new friends, discover fun and rewarding disciples, and encounter a profound philosophy of non-violence.  Discover tools for self-mastery that will polish your mind and tune your body. Create personal and social harmony in a non-competitive and relaxed community where men, women, and children train together with joy and gentleness.  Check our Schedule & Location for information about on-going classes for children and adults.


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Socially-Engaged Martial Artists Make a Real
Difference By Serving Their Communities!
See how the non-profit Pacific Northwest Budo Association
(PNBA) supports and fosters appreciation for Japanese
martial arts and traditional culture
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Aishinkai maintains a drug- and alcohol-free environment.  We do not discriminate
in the administration of our programs based on race, creed, color, religious
affiliation, gender, or in any other way prohibited by law or common sense.

Offering local and nation-wide educattion in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Team Management, and Mind-Body Coodination, as well as the Japanese martial and cultural arts of AiShin-Ryu Aikido, Iaido, Aiki-ken, Aiki-jo, Kyudo,
Ki Meditation, Kiatsu Ryoho, Bonsai, Shodo, and Ikebana.  Locally serving the communities of Seattle, Everett, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, and Edmonds, WA.
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