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AiShin-Ryu Aikido: A Gentle Art of Self-Defense
Achieve Self-Mastery with
, "The Art of Peace"

AiShin-Ryu Aikido for Adults - A truly fascinating, powerful, and gorgeous martial art - Available through private Instruction only

Dr. Bannister leads a select group of applicants on a personal journey to achieve total self-mastery and unparalleled self-defense ability in private lessons offered only at AiShinKai's beautiful, traditional Japanese-style dojo in Edmonds, WA.  Contact the Dojo for information, scheduling, and location.

AiShin-Ryu Aikido for Children
- A wonderful alternate to competitive sports that develops your child understanding of self-mastery in a safe, ethical, and fun program - Consistently popular for 20 years!

Beginners - Thursdays 5-6:00pm; Intermediate - 6-7:00pm
Shoreline Spartan Recreation Center
18560 First Avenue Northeast
Shoreline, WA 98155
Call 206-801-2600 For registration information

This Martial Artist Teaches for a Better Tomorrow
Reprinted from The Enterprise, December 17, 2008
The attack began with a furious charge and a shout that threatened to shatter the windows.  His punch was totally committed, and an awful impact seemed as inevitable as a train wreck.  Deftly the teacher stepped aside, and the attacker was suddenly flying upwards in a dangerous arc, his feet swept out from under him with his head now aimed at the floor.  Then something truly amazing happened: the teacher effortlessly caught the attacker and carefully craddled his head to gently lower him to the floor.  "OK?" the smiling teacher asked.  The formerly furious attacker lifted himself up with a puzzled expression, then laughed aloud in sheer relief.
This is Aikido, the most modern martial art of Japan. Trained in Japan and the United States, Sensei Jonathan Bannister has been practicing the "way of spiritual harmony" for more than thirty years. He holds nine black belt ranks in various Japanese martial & cultural arts. His classes are light-hearted yet intense, and his students exhibit rare degrees of beauty and refinement in their technique.

Dressed in the traditional clothing of a Japanese samurai, Sensei Bannister leads regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes in Aikido: A Gentle Art of Self-Defense, and Iaido: Japanese Swordsmanship at the Spartan Recreation Center in Shoreline (18560 First Ave NE). In one room there is sweaty laughter puncuated by sounds of falling and tumbling. In another, the soft hissing of swords. His martial arts school [ Aishinkai ] brings together 100 men, women, and children from diverse backgrounds, all eager to discover a new way of looking at the world and the nature of conflict.

"The Founder of Aikido taught that true martial arts should offer a spirit of loving protection for all," Bannister says. "Personal power need not come at another’s expense. When we become strong we must act ethically to save others from the self-destructive consequences of aggression." The Japanese martial arts practiced at [ Aishinkai ] are beautiful and powerful, and touched with a gentle and kind spirit one might not expect from modern warriors. "My teachers showed me how to help others to develop their full potential without giving in to the baseness of aggression. Through self-discipline and self-awareness we are building better citizens for a new world."

A student explained why he studies here. "It’s exciting and fun, and these arts have helped me stay calm at work and home, and Sensei is amazing!" Visitors are always welcome. You can get information about classes for children and adults by calling the Spartan Center at 206-801-2600.

Beginners Are Always Welcome

Discover self-mastery! 
Personal empowerment need never come at another's expense.  The
Aishinkai believes that violence is not a legitimate means to resolve conflict.  Our self-mastery training includes the highly effective and beautiful art of AiShin-Ryu Aikido, "The Art of Peace."  Develop total self-control and an effortless ability to take attackers off-balance and out of posture.

We offer a free trial class to make sure our club is a good fit for you.  Don't be surprised at seeing people with uniforms: everyone trains together.  Dedicated beginner classes are a rare exception in the cooperative environment of Aikido.  Wear long sweat pants and a t-shirt (you don't need an official uniform to get started on The Path to Self-Mastery.   We'll walk through warm-up and Mind-Body Coordination Exercises. Then you'll be shown how to comfortably and safely perform a simple back fall, the most basic tumbling skill of Aikido.  After that, you can start to learn the exquisitely beautiful and highly-effective techniques of AiShin-Ryu Aikido, The Art of Peace.". 

If you decide that you want to learn more, you'll need to either register in Shoreline Parks and Recreation classes (tel.206-801-2600 - see our Schedule & Location page), or in the case of adults, apply for private lessons with Dr. Bannister at the beautiful AiShinKai headquarters dojo in Edmonds, WA.  AiShinKai class fees are kept very low in order to make our programs as accessible as possible. 

Aishinkai membership dues ($75 adults; $35 child - more information on the Membership & Outreach page) are required to participate in any AiShinKai program.   Members receive help with equipment orders, are eligible to attend regular practices, participate in special events, and test for rank accreditation.  New AiShinKai members are invited to schedule a complementary private lesson with Bannister Sensei at AiShinKai headquarters in Edmonds.  It's a great chance to get oriented and identify personal goals.

AiShin-Ryu Aikido for Adults
Regular classes begin with Meditation, physical warm-ups, and Mind-Body Coordination Exercises.  Weapons kata are practiced daily to study footwork and mind-body unification.  Tumbling and attacks are studied in preparation for self-defense training.  Practice then shifts to the main work, the study of Aikido self-defense techniques designed to take away an attacker's posture and balance. Redirection and gentle yet effective throws are used to peaceably resolve conflict.  Finally, practice sessions end with a final Ki Exercise and Ki Meditation.

Available by private lesson only.  Adult classes at the Spartan Center have been discontinued in favor of more direct, personal instruction offered at our headquarters in Edmonds, WA - Contact the Dojo for information, scheduling and location.

Children's Aikido - On-going
When your child enrolls in an AiShin-Ryu Aikido class, she or he embarks upon an exciting adventure of self-discovery leading to concrete results.  In a time when real physical education is disappearing from our schools, Aikido couples the study of mind-body coordination to achieve a natural strong state with a vigorous ethical and disciplined environment that is exciting, intellectually-stimulating, and goal-oriented.  Children's Aikido classes are tremendously fun and are a great alternative to competitive sports.  Effective and non-violent conflict resolution is presented through the study of Aikido self-defense technique, games, stories, and cooperative problem-solving.  Aikido is unique in its focus on the development of calm self-confidence and mind-body coordination.  Instruction is geared to recognized child development stages.  Children discover that their personal power need not come at another's expense.  Self-defense skills can be peaceable and do not depend on size, age or strength.   We emphasize redirection and avoidance of attacks rather than reliance on physical force.  Traditional Aikido games teach that the group is stronger than the individual, and ethical values such as compassion, fortitude, and mutual respect are revealed as virtues worth developing.  Progress is rewarded with traditional rank accreditation.  Children and their parents are invited to try a class for free to determine if the joy of Aikido is in their future!

Beginners - Thursdays 5-6:00pm - On-going

Intermediate - Thursdays 6-7:00pm Starts January 6, 2011

Spartan Rec Center (18560 First Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98133

Call 206-801-2600 to register

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The non-profit Pacific Northwest Budo Association
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Aishinkai maintains a drug- and alcohol-free environment.  We do not discriminate
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affiliation, gender, or in any other way prohibited by law or common sense.

Offering local and nation-wide education in Self-Mastery, Mind-Body Coodination, Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, and Team Management, as well as the Japanese martial and cultural arts of AiShin-Ryu Aikido, Iaido, Aiki-ken, Aiki-jo, Kyudo, Kiatsu Ryoho, Bonsai, Shodo, and Ikebana.  Locally serving the communities of Seattle, Everett, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, and Edmonds, WA.
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